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Physical and digital mobility for Berlin’s largest inner-city development area

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Quartier Heidestraße

Not far from Berlin’s main railway station, the Europacity extends along the Heidestraße, the largest inner-city development area in Berlin with about 40 hectares, 41 construction projects and 17 project developers. With the mindset “mix it like Berlin”, the mixed “Quartier Heidestraße” of the project developer Taurencon Real Estate Consulting GmbH is being built in its center: In addition to approximately 10000 employees, about 2000 residents are to be accommodated here – all of them have to move from A to B somehow. Inno2grid has supported Taurecon GmbH in the development of a traffic-reducing mobility concept while ensuring that mobility offers are also made more available via the Quartier Heidestraße app.

Taurecon Real Estate Consulting GmbH

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Mobility concept for the district Heidestraße


The district Heidestraße is being developed as a lively new neighborhood of residential and office buildings, commercial buildings, public streets and squares as well as green areas. Cafes, restaurants and a local service center in the center of the district create a pleasant living and working atmosphere. In total, around 295,000 m2 of commercial and retail spaces as well as around 944 apartments are planned in the Heidestraße district. Commercial and residential use on this scale creates traffic – and the Heidestraße is already very busy. Therefore, inno2grid was commissioned to develop a traffic reducing mobility concept for the Heidestraße district. In close cooperation with the project developer, the possibilities for this were screened, a catalogue of mobility measures was drawn up and the implementation of the measures was already initiated. In the future, there will be a variety of alternative mobility options in the Heidestraße district: Three Mobility Hubs offer scooter, e-kick scooter and bike sharing options. In addition to this it is also planned to provide neighborhood exclusive freight bike and car-sharing options to enable people to switch from cars to more efficient means of transportation. The mobility concept is to be gradually extended to other parts of the Europacity.

The following questions came up during the project, which were analyzed and were also able to be answered

  • Analysis of status quo
    Forecast and assessment of traffic resulting from project development

  • Solution
    Analysis of the best practice examples of mobility with national and international scope

  • Creation of the target image
    What should mobility in the Heidestraße district look like in the future and what impact does the target image have on the expected traffic?

  • Consolidation of measures
    Translating the objective image and its impact into a catalog of mobility measures

  • Dimensioning and location of mobility offers
    Where will mobility take place in the Heidestraße district in the future?

  • Risk assessment
    What risks is the mobility concept exposed to?

  • Implementation monitoring
    Arrangements with stakeholders such as the district office and mobility service providers

  • Scaling
    Extension of the mobility concept to other parts of the Europacity

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