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zeeMobase – blueprint for Smart Grid and Mobility Station

Elektrobus Berlin - Heute verkehrt die BVG auch elektrifiziert

Integrated mobility station on the EUREF Campus

The zeeMobase (zero emission energy and mobility base) is a place where mobility and energy converge and are connected both physically and digitally. Electricity is generated using renewable energy, stored locally and converted into mobility.

Technically, the zeeMobase is a Micro Smart Grid that distributes energy as efficiently as possible. In practical terms, the zeeMobase is an intermodal mobility station.

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Manuel Roddelkopf

2011 bis heute


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Mobility and energy. Intelligently connected.

The employees and partners of inno2grid have been setting up Germany’s first Micro Smart Grid since the end of 2011 and are demonstrating in the zeeMobase how renewable energy generators, local energy consumers and storage systems relate to each other via intelligent load management. This results, among other things, in a highly efficient supply of the electrified mobility fleet with entirely locally produced, green fuel. The central space in zeeMobase also functions as a showroom, in which the intelligent networking of energy and mobility is made tangible. The zeeMobase was officially opened on July 6th, 2016.

inno2grid implemented ideas and generated added value

From the idea to the operation:

  • conception, planning, implementation and operation of the zeeMobase as the center of the micro smart grid
  • Integration of renewable energy sources and charging infrastructure with energy and charging management system
  • On-going revision of the system
  • Formation of the zeeMobase brand and transfer into product logic

Implementation consultancy:

  • Increase the energy efficiency of the campus
  • Reduce emissions
  • An illustration of a smart grid
  • Opportunity to integrate and test new technologies in all areas (energy, mobility, ICT/interlinking)

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